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Dogging has taken the UK by storm with horny housewives and swingers fucking complete strangers in carparks across the UK and on a dogging mission has it all caught on film. dogging mission is the UK’s largest and most popular dogging site on the net and has hours and hours of authentic dogging movies from the best dogging spots in the UK. Come and join these slutty wives, exhibitionist and voyeurs as they fuck their partners and total strangers in dark secluded car parks. Once you have seen all movies dogging mission has to show you, you will soon be on your way trailing car parks.

Dogging is a crazy that’s sweeping the UK by storm, it’s such a shame it isn’t as popular in the US as it’s a very active, voyeur community who all love to get involved with each other. Doggers are sexed up couples, singles that go out in public, at night usually, in their car and find a suitable location to either start having sex or masturbate. Most doggers use the same locations so when they happen to walk past and see someone get naughty in their car they often stop to look, and more often than not they get invited to join in! Now that really is a craze that needs to hit the streets of America!

Oa dogging mission is a site that focuses on British girls in the dogging community. They get followed around with cameras and are shot doing really dogging scenes, there are no fancy lights, make up or proper porn stars. These girls are 100% amateur – you won’t get a hot, blonde porn queen everytime but the girls are all very sexy because they are real.

Public facials, sex in cars, real places and real people is exactly what Oa dogging mission is all about. They don’t have a great deal of picture content as they are a movie site but they do have screen caps from their movies, although in my opinion, watching movies about dogging is much better than staring at pictures.

So far, there are over 100 full length DVD quality movies inside Oa dogging mission and with a full length new movies being shot every week it’s not going to be long before you’re swimming in content. Movies last anywhere from 20 minutes through to 90 minutes and more! All are very high quality, even without the professional videography set up and the content cannot be faulted, these movies will appeal to those with a big love of dogging.

So with the high quality content, the focus purely on dogging and real amateur girls getting their way with strangers, plus the specualtion you might even get to join these girls dogging I definitely think it’s worth a quick look! Their content is spot on and their girls really enjoy what they do, all that’s left for you to do now is to decide whether or not you enjoy watching real life doggers!

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